Straight Grill Island With Seating And Infrared Grill.

by jason on March 9, 2013

custom outdoor kitchen with infrared grill built in

built in infrared grill in grill island

This custom outdoor kitchen is a variation on a theme.  We used to participate in a lot of home shows and when we were at the home show we would manufacture a dozen grill islands similar to the one in the image.  We tried to use a grill that is very versatile and manufactured for longevity outdoors in Florida.  We also added  built in accessories common to many designs custom made for our clients.  This is a single straight grill island and is only about ten feet long.  However, in that short amount of space we have an infrared gas grill capable of grilling at temperatures above 1000 degrees or smoking at temperatures below 200 degrees and barbecuing at temperatures anywhere in-between.  We also have a refrigerator, sink, access doors, utility drawer set low to allow for sink drainage, and a radii overhang for seating and serving.

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