Grilling With Infrared: New York Strip Steak

by jason on August 24, 2013

Grilling With Infrared: New York Strip Steak.

Grilling with an infrared gas grill is a fast and hot process because the burners pressurize gas to create a lot more heat than a traditional gas barbecue burner.

grilling new your strip steak on infrared grill

grilling new your strip steak on infrared grill

The TEC Infrared Burner was the first infrared burner in a residential and commercial gas grill and these 20 year old original gas grills are still in use today.

Even drilled to the same BTU output as a traditional pipe burner or H shaped burner the build-up of pressure in an infrared gas grill burner will  provide over one thousand degrees directly at the grilling grate surface in minutes.  Because of the build-up of pressure it is possible to use a larger orifice and pump more gas into a infrared burner housing which allows the burner to grill at 1200 or 1300 degrees inside 120 seconds of pressing the ignitor.

These images were shot less than 30 seconds apart in order to show the benefit of infrared grilling.

Within 2 minutes the outside of the steaks is “seared” or sealed.  The intense, direct heat has cooked the immediate outer layer of the meat which seals moisture in the meat.  At this point we can turn off the infrared burner below the steaks, leave the other burner on and close the hood and heat the air trapped in the hood to use convectional heat to cook the inside of the meat.

Once the steaks are seared we can continue cooking until the meat is well-done and the moisture will still be locked in the steaks.  We can place a well-done steak on a plate, cut it open and watch moisture pour out as though our steak is bleeding flavor.

These steaks have been sitting in a mixture of our signature bourbon molasses grill rub and soy sauce for over 24 hours and we tenderized them with the “thousand razors” of the jaccard meat tenderizer to cause full-thickness absorption.

Most gas barbecues get turned on High and then we close the hood and wait 10 – 15 minutes to cook.  The waiting time is to allow the air trapped in the closed hood to get hot.  With air transferring the heat we place our steaks in the barbecue and close the hood back down.  Now the hot air conducts the heat to surround the food.  Unfortunately air can only transfer so much heat and our steaks will drip and drip and drip while they cook at 400-500 degrees.  Every drop causes a loss of flavor.

With an infrared gas grill the steak is seared immediately so there is no dripping, no loss of flavor.

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